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eemmaa22 08.08.2016 03:32

hey, emma aus argentinien
hallo, mein name ist emma, ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch (ich bin lernen).
ich bin aus argentinien und ich suche die geschichte aus mein deutsche fammilien.
ich fand viel information, aber ich möchte gerne finde viel mehr haha
when we start researching we can't stop haha.

die familiennamen von meiner suche sind:
von ohlen (aus hamburg und eisdorf)
feldmann(aus wandsbek, hamburg)
meyer (aus muplacken, oblast kaliningrad)
abrat (aus muplacken, oblast kaliningrad)
dittler (aus wolga)
wilberger (aus wolga)

i want to find my distances relatives in germany, is my hope, principally the hamburguer, we lost connection in the second war, but before my family and the german hamburguer family kept relation by letter.
thanks you for your time, best regards :danke:

Xtine 08.08.2016 11:23

Hey Emma,

welcome to our forum!

It would be the best if you start threads in the regional forums with all the dates you have from the persons you're searching.

So for the first two names in the Hamburg Forum
for the names of muplacken in the Ostpreußen Forum
and the others in the Russland Forum

Good Luck!

eemmaa22 10.08.2016 01:21

danke schön!!
i'm a little lost haha i dont know how use very well the forums and the deutsch is complicated too, but i'm gonna still triying haha best regards :huhu:

Xtine 10.08.2016 08:57

Hi Emma,

did you see our Forum-Instructions.pdf in english! ;)

trabajador 10.08.2016 09:06

LTA, como dice el 10 :-)
Hay que cuidar los dolares!

Hemaris fuciformis 10.08.2016 09:26

Hello Emma,

if you are ancestry-member you can find for example:

Margaretha Maria Anna Magdalena von Ohlen died 1901 in Hamburg

Carola Johanna Auguste von Ohlen died 1928 in Hamburg

Walter von Ohlen died 1897 in Hamburg

and lots of birth-records.

But best will be the Hamburg-Forum, as Xtine said.

Good luck
the other Christine

P.S. For Anny and Bruchel Feldmann there exists a "Hamburger-Passagierliste" telling they went to South Amerika

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