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Nettiem 08.04.2021 05:22

More information on parents of Isaac Desombre born 1697 in Schmoelln
Die Suche betrifft das Jahr oder den Zeitraum:
Genaue Orts-/Gebietseingrenzung: 1690
Konfession der gesuchten Person(en): French Reformed
Bisher selbst durchgeführte Internet-Recherche (Datenbanken): FamilySearch Card Index
Zur Antwortfindung bereits genutzte Anlaufstellen (Ämter, Archive):

Nettiem 08.04.2021 06:21

Greetings from Australia again,

This is a continuation of the above post which I posted before I was finished.

Can anyone assist with more details of the parents of Isaac Desombre, born 21.03.1697 in Schmoelln. Isaac is my 7 times great grandfather.

The parents are recorded on his marriage record as Jean Desombre and Susanne Vandam. I have no further information on them but assume Jean may have been born in the Palatinate.

I discovered Isaac's birth information on a stammbaum posted on the internet.

Isaac was married in Gross Ziethen on 2nd December 1716 to another Susanne Vandam whose parents were Isaac Vandam & Susanne Parquet.

I would be grateful for any information (if is available) on births, deaths, and marriage of Isaac's (Desombre) parents, Jean and Susanne.

With many thanks,


tfndh 09.04.2021 02:52


Archion announced in its newsletter yesterday that they will upload books from the north-east of Brandenburg in the coming days or weeks. Schmölln is probably among them.


Berlin, Brandenburg, schlesische Oberlausitz: Landeskirchliches Archiv in Berlin
Kirchenbücher aus den Kirchenkreisen Eberswalde, Gransee, Oranienburg und Prenzlau
Jean Desombre is mentioned in this article, a farmer immigrated from Mannheim.
"History of the French colony and the Evangelical Reformed Congregation in Pasewalk."

Jean de Sombre - familysearch

Best regards,

Nettiem 09.04.2021 06:20

Thanks for that information re Archion, Thomas.

The Jean I am looking for married a Susanne Vandam.
It may well be one & the same but I am still looking for the connection.

Thanks for your help. I also have the Despierre & the Dupont mentioned in the article in my tree.

Stay Safe!


wrdc47 09.04.2021 21:05

maybe I can help you. I have approx. 570 people in my family tree living in Gross Ziethen at any time. That's more than living there today. My wife is a direct descendant of one of the first huguenots coming to Gross Ziethen.

But I guess Jean Desombre's wife was Madeleine Parent.

Please send my a personal note to my account with your e-mail address so I can send you an excerpt of the tree.

Kind regards

Martina Rohde 10.04.2021 07:10

Die französisch-reformierte Kirche in Berlin-Brandenburg zählt als eigener "Kirchenkreis" und macht bei Archion nicht mit.

Nettiem 11.04.2021 03:50

Then maybe I will not find anymore information for the moment.

Many thanks for your assistance.

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