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Stanley Who 08.05.2021 13:59

Help required with marriage entry 1758
Liste der Anhänge anzeigen (Anzahl: 1)
Quelle bzw. Art des Textes: Evang. KB marriages
Jahr, aus dem der Text stammt: 1758
Ort und Gegend der Text-Herkunft: Paterswalde, Kr.Wehlau Ost Preussen
Namen um die es sich handeln sollte:

Hello All, Again I need to ask for your help please.

Entry No.8, Michael Benkmann aus Paterswalde and Chrietina Riemannin aus Lindendorf,

That is all of my reading, not sure what the "roman numbers" are, maybe their ages?

Regards, Jan

teakross 08.05.2021 14:09

Hallo Jan,

not their ages.
They where "proclamiert" at 19. 20. 21. Dom. post trinitatis (sunday after Trinitatis)
and maried 20.October 1758

LG Rolf

Anna Sara Weingart 08.05.2021 14:10


Zitat von Stanley Who (Beitrag 1367584)
... not sure what the "roman numbers" are ...

the roman numbers are the sundays of the three proclamations before the marriage ("copulation")

.. wurden Dom
XIX, XX, XXI, post Trinit. procla-
miret und den 20ten Octob. 1758 copuliret

Dominica XIX post Trinitatis means the 19th sunday past Trinitatis-day

Jérôme Landgräfe 08.05.2021 14:36

Hello Jan,

as for converting such "church calendar" dates to regular dates, you can use pages such as https://www.stilkunst.de/s311_ev_jahr.php?1758 which give the following dates for the 19th, 20th and 21st Sunday "post Trinitatis", "after Trinity Sunday" in 1758: 1.10./8.10./15.10.1758

Best regards,

Stanley Who 08.05.2021 15:03

Thankyou Everybody for your responses.

I guess a little bit like the reading of "banns" in the English churches?

Thanks, Jan

Jérôme Landgräfe 08.05.2021 15:10

Hi Jan, yes, indeed, the "proclamation" (usually three times, sometimes less) took place before marriage, "copulation" and thus was the same as the reading of marriage banns.


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