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Jrother91 03.03.2015 02:13

Peter Bettinger in Dudweiler, Saarland
I am looking for any information about Peter Bettinger and his wife Margarethe Nicola (or Nicolas, Nicolay). They supposedly died in Dudweiler around 1846, and their daughter, Margarethe Bettinger, is my 3x great-grandmother. The familienbuch from Dudweiler says that they came from Falkenberg "im Kurhessischen", but I see that "Falkenberg" is the German name for Faulquemont, Lorraine, and it would make so much more sense if they came from there (Bettinger is a name which is fairly common in Lorraine and has its roots there). Their daughter, Margaretha, married Johann Christian Pitz, and both of them came to Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA in the 1850's. Any information about this couple would be very much appreciated.

Svenja 06.03.2015 21:03


Some months ago I tried to find the churchbooks of Faulquemont, Lorraine for a friend, but I couldn't find any churchbooks of Faulquemont. But as my friend found a copy of a birth entry which was made some years ago they must still exist. Maybe Faulquemont belonged to another parish or they didn't give their records to the Archives. Unfortunately it was not given an exact source on the copy of this birth entry. In fact it stated Falkenberg on Alsace but I could only find Faulquemont in Lorraine.

So if someone knows something about how to find the churchbooks of Faulquemont I (and especially my friend) would really appreciate it.


AugustinMichel 08.03.2015 17:25

the churchbooks of Faulquemont are not online. You'll find them at Metz/France , Archives de la Moselle, for the years 1690 - 1791, except 1699 - 1747 and 1749 - 1764.
With best regards

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