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Dear Dave,

due to data safety reason it is not possible to request any data of persons who died less than 30 years ago unless you are a child or grandchild (and are able to prove this with documents).

After 30 years (on May 10th, 2020 ) you can write to this place:
Bezirksgericht Hernals
Kalvarienberggasse 31
1172 Wien

Ask for the will and the above-mentioned "Verlassenschaftsakt". To get a quick answer give as detailed informations as possible e.g. name, last address, birth date.

If Karl died in a hospital in Hernals but did not live in this district you might send your question to another "Bezirksgericht". You can simply check this: the postal code of his last address should start with "117.".

Just tell if you need any further information.

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