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Standard Austria Divorce / Annulment 1945-1948

Hi Guys, I am new here, and apologise that I cannot read/write German, and Google Translate may not translate exactly what I want.

I am tracing a Divorce/Annulment.

The marriage (which I have a copy of) was in Vienna, Austria on 19 December 1942 of Josef Karl Kaminsky to Kattalina Vogl.According to Austrian Law any Mental illness should be declared at the time of the marriage, but was not.Kattalina tried to kill their 2 children with a knife, and as Karl was unaware of her mental illness he obtained an Annulment sometime between 1945 and 1948. Being Catholic, I have been informed, this may have been through the Vatican.

Does anyone know where I can find/get a copy of the Divorce/Annulment. Would it be in Austria or Vatican City?

Many thanks, Dave.
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