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Standard Wollmar Johann Turlow (Turlau) in the Narva Kirchenbuch?

Dear Gaby,
What a nice offer! I am trying to find out more about an ancestor named Wolmar Johann Turlow (Turlau, Turlouw) who was a military man born in Livonia in 1667 (I haven't been able to find out where or by whom). He was active in the Swedish cavalry in Livonia under von Pahlen and Tiesenhausen (Rittmeister in the early 1700's) and later in Finland where he settled. About 1695 he served as Amptmann in Koporje, Ingria, at Croneburgh, Samoskoj pogost. In 1701 his daughter Catharina Elisabeth was born in Narva, which makes the Narva Kirchenbuch interesting to me. I don't know the name of his wife or when he married. I'm not sure if he was of German origin - there are Dutch people called Turlau in Livonia at that time - but his name sounds German to me, and his younger daughter Hedwig's name is sometimes written "Hedwich" which is not how it would be pronounced by Swedish speakers. So I would be very grateful if you could check his name in the Narva Kirchenbuch. Thanks in advance! P.S., I do understand German although I can't write it well
Best wishes,
Ann S.

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