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Standard Mägdesprung Records circa 1785

Die Suche betrifft das Jahr oder den Zeitraum: Circa 1785
Genaue Orts-/Gebietseingrenzung: Mägdesprung
Konfession der gesuchten Person(en): Evangelical
Bisher selbst durchgeführte Internet-Recherche (Datenbanken): Family Search
Zur Antwortfindung bereits genutzte Anlaufstellen (Ämter, Archive):

Good evening. I had some success today in locating information regarding my ancestor: David Wilhelm HANKEL. He died in 1827 in Calbe (Saale) at the age of 42. Once I found his death in the Family Search Catalogs, I was able to find some of his children, also born in Calbe (Saale).

I have not yet found a baptism for David Wilhelm HANKEL. His calculated birth date is approximately 15 February 1785.

Based on the godparents named for his daughter in 1819 (entry #11) - - he appears to have family residing in Magdesprung. I have 2 questions:

1. Does the entry for godparents #5 and#6 (HANKEL) give any kind of relationship information?

2. Is there any source for records from Magdesprung? Perhaps this is where David Wilhelm HANKEL was born. I have already searched available records in Rieder and Gernrode, with no success.

I am attaching a link and a photo of the baptism entry in question. Thank you.





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Hi Ellen:

Yes, Daniel Hankel of Mägdesprung (#5) is listed as brother [of Wilhelm], and Catharina Hankel, wife of Christian Hankel of Mägdesprung (#6) is listed as sister-in-law [in other words, Christian is also Wilhelm's brother].

Mägdesprung belonged to the parish of Harzgerode, which was part of the principality of Anhalt. Churchbooks exist back to 1651, but have not been digitized or put online anywhere yet (neither at familysearch nor at archion.de).


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Thank you, Carl-Henry, for answering both of my questions. I appreciate your time.

I have tried contacting a few people on GEDBAS who have dates for their ancestors in Magdesprung, but with no success. Perhaps they viewed the church books in person and that is how they obtained their information.

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards,

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calbe , hankel , magdesprung

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