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Standard Fled from Golm, Potsdam to Braunschweig 1945

I am looking for a relative (Lotta) Charlotte, who fled to Braunschweig from Golm, Potsdam in the end of December 1945.

Where can I look to find her in Braunschweig.

Her mother Gerda writes in a letter dated 26/5 1943:
My daughter Lotta marries and has a child. Lotta, her child and husband staying with me here in Golm.

In a letter December 1, 1945 the mother writes:
The Russians got 20 direct hits by artillery at our house so it is completely destroyed, it is only one room left which we can live in. Most people have fled from Golm. Lotta fled with their child through Brandenburg to the English zone in Braunschweig, West Germany. Her husband stays with me in the house in Golm.

When the letter was translated to me, it is the first time I hear of her daughter Lotta (probably named Charlotta). She is not mentioned in any other letter or document, only in mother Gerda's two letters.

Her mother was Gerda Catharina Loise Paula Nilsson, born April 19, 1896 in Berlin- Charlottenburg.
1919 Gerda engaged with cinematographer Max Filipsson.
Gerda marries Georg Düring 1921, divorce George 1930
Gerdas parents were Hjalmar and Paula Nilsson.

Charlotte's family name might be Düring or Nilsson, it can even be Filipson. Charlotte is probably born around 1920 - 25

Very grateful for help
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Hello, greetings from Golm! We would like to contact you. I'm a friend of Mr. Siegfried Seidel who writes since many years a chronicle about our little town. He has some information about the house of the Düring family / Nilsson family and would like to share it with you. Maybe you have some further informations for him... ;-) Unfortunately he is not able to write in english, so I will help him.
We regularly publish a little brochure with informations about historic golm, you can find it here to download at "Historischer Teil" (some pdf`s).
They are not completely online.
With kind regards, Katrin
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Hi Katrin.

Sorry I didn't contact you earlier, I came home from Hamburg yesterday.

I like very much to share information. I have a lot of information which I think is very interesting for you. I have written a story about the family Nilsson and another family who moved from Sweden to Berlin and Golm around 1890.

Maybe we should try to find another channel where we can send large text messages and pictures. If it´s possible to send private messages on this site, we could exchange email addresses.

I understand German good, but not everything.

Best regards

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Standard I search my family

Hi, I'm Melissa Mansilla Nilsson. I'm from Chile. I search information about my great grandfather. I just have a little information, I know his name was Martin Nilsson Pettz (I don't know how to writte Pettz). My family say me him arrived from Hamburgo to Chile, maybe before the first war. My grandfather always said his father was adopted togheter his brother (which we don't have information). Please any information is appreciated.
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Hi Pillina111,

what if any documents does your family or you have???

Nilsson is a fairly common family name in Sweden.
Renate aus Berlin
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