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Standard Polemann in Altona

my name is Costanza and i´m writing you from Argentina. I'm trying to write my family history, and while I made some research i found that one of my late relatives apparently was born in Altona, I assume that around 1760-1770, he was a lawyer. He also got married in Altona the 13 of April of 1794.
He then moved to Wilster where he eventually became Mayor of the town. He went back to Hamburg where he died in 1847.
His name was Hans Frierdich Gustav Polemann.

I would like to know if there's any kind of archives to access to, or if there is any other way to find more information about him and his life and work in your town. Maybe his date of birth, his parents' names or his wedding records.
Any kind of information would be helpful and very much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance

Best regards,

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Hans Friedrich Gustav Polemann †27.8.1847 Altona-Hamburg, 77 years old.
Former mayor and city secretary in Wilster.
Son of Ernst Hinrich Polemann and Anna Regina Prahl.
He was married, died before him, Anna Sophia Bong.
5 children are alive from this marriage.
1. Otto Ernst Gustav
2. Anna Sophia Regina
3.Friedrich Otto Heinrich, Apotheker zu Wesselburen, 2.oo 14.7.1836 Meldorf, Wilhelmine Marie Johanne Bremer. (Aus 1.oo eine Tochter 1 1/2 Jahre alt).
4.Hans Friedrich Gustav
5.Christiane Wilhemine Sophia †11.02.1887,73 Jahre alt Hamburg, oo † Kaufmann und Bürgermeister zu Lauenburg, Johann Christian Heinrich Schlüter.

After the death of Hans Friedrich Gustav Polemann, the whereabouts of son Otto Ernst Gustav are unknown.

Best regards

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Thank you so much for this information!!
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